Giveaway on Discord Server until Monday 19th Feb 10 PM GMT


:tada: Welcome to our special Giveaway! :tada:


:first_place: First Place :first_place:

200 Random Steam Keys | Worth 1 - 30 $ each :key:

:exclamation: Worth 200$ :exclamation:

:second_place: 2nd Place :second_place:

100 Random Steam Keys | Worth 1 - 30 $ each :key:

:exclamation: Worth 100$ :exclamation:

:third_place: 3rd Place :third_place:

50 Random Steam Keys | Worth 1 - 30 $ each :key:

:exclamation: Worth 50$ :exclamation:

:arrow_backward: HOW TO ENTER :arrow_forward:

:one: Create a permanent Discord Invite Link to this Server
:two: Share it with your Server or Friends
:three: :checkered_flag: Profit - you are in :checkered_flag:

:rose: The one with the most invites, will get the :first_place: 1st Price :first_place: , 2nd most invites :second_place: 2nd Place :second_place: ....

:scroll: RULES :scroll:

:one: No agressive spamming and posting :no_entry_sign:
:two: No multiple account usage on your own link. Our discord bot will filter all invites and will remove you from the giveaway :no_entry_sign: :outbox_tray:
:three: All current invites are screenshotted and only the differences will be counted in this giveaway :white_check_mark:
:four: Giveaway will last until __**Monday 19th Feb 10 PM GMT**__ and winners will be drawn by Corve :up:

:arrow_backward: HOW TO CHECK INVITES :arrow_forward:

:one: Go to the Channel #giveaway-chat
:two: Use the Command -inv or -i to check your current Invite Counter
:three: You can also check invites of other people: -inv @user

:thumbsup: I hope all of you like this kind of giveaway, enjoy! More will come soon. :tada: